Many of us may be having a problem that computer freezes randomly windows 7, in this case we have to find out if the problem is due to the software or the hardware problem and how to fix this. Because the instability of your system can be due to one of them like in hardware it can be due to hard disk, RAM (Random Access Memory), overheat BIOS, graphic card, or a power supply. So, when you want to solve the problem of your computer first of all you should deal with the software problem.



How to Fix if Computer Freezes Randomly Windows 7

It is sometimes very irritating while doing some work your computer hangs or get freeze randomly and no visible reason or any kind of error is there. You maybe also facing such computer freezes randomly windows 7 problem, in this case first of all you must know or you should find out what is a root cause behind this because this may be due to any software in your computer or any hardware problem can be behind all this.

Main causes of computer freezes randomly windows 7 that are due to the computer hardware let’s talked about how to fix these:
- Dust: excessive amount of dust can cause these crash failures like CD_ROM and floppy drive. It will cause the reading errors, writing errors and also some serious computer random freezing.
- Bad Heat: while working when power supply and the CPU overheat when you work so the good ventilation is very important for the computer. This cooling of CPU is related to the stability of the computer running a major issue and also causes a thermal failure.
- Memory Failure: due to the quality of the memory chip you can lose the main memory, if it is the case of the quality of the memory because of which you are facing freeze of computer.
- Equipment Incomplete: it can be due to the equipment of the computer such as the motherboard and CPU frequency does not match the old motherboard resulting in computer freeze randomly.
- Hard Drive failure: mainly because of improper use of the hard disk cause this problem due to bad sectors. You can use a process to troubleshoot this problem.

The causes of computer freezes randomly windows 7 due to the software problem are as follows and points how to fix them:
- System files deleted accidently: if any of the system file is deleted my mistake then it can cause the system to hang or freeze without any error.
- Virus: virus in your computer can affect you computer efficiency and will result in computer random freezing.
- Improper or Illegal software update or install: the improper installation of any software or the illegal software update can cause this problem but many people think that the software upgrade is not a problem but it is a problem that can cause a computer random freeze.

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