Computer is a very delicate machine which is coded with millions of codes, if sometimes the operating system has trouble in starting or in searching the desktop the problem usually involves misconfiguration of any new installed software or any driver, you will start getting errors, you won’t be able to get to the desktop and you don’t know what to do. Microsoft has included a tool which is within the Windows called as the Safe Mode to help you in your problem to troubleshoot further and helps you how to start your computer in safe mode in windows 7.

start computer in safe mode windows 7

start computer in safe mode windows 7

How to Start Computer in Safe Mode Windows 7

Safe mode in windows is a way of booting your windows operating system in order to run any specific task on your installation. When you reboot your system into the safe mode the operating system only can work with the minimum of the software that is required by the operating system to work proper. This safe mode is only made to help you troubleshoot programs in your computer. There are two ways that how to start computer in safe mode windows 7 which are:
F8 – this is the first and the most common method to re start your computer in safe mood, right after you hear your computer beeps you will be brought to a menu from where you can choose to start it in safe mode.
System Configuration Utility – you can use SCU in windows 7 to make windows boot in safe mode but remember you cannot force your computer in safe mode.

Safe mode only starts the important windows 7 processes so depending on the problem you have with your computer you can fix the problem from there. Let us discuss both of these methods for how to start computer in safe mode.
First method using F8:
- Restart your computer.
- When your computer starts you see the list of hardware of the computer listed, now press F8 when you see the information until you are presented with the windows 7 Advance Boot Option shown on the screen.
- Using the arrow key select one of the option of your desire.
- Now press Enter after selecting Safe Mode.
-  When the computer will restart it will start in a safe mode then do whatever task you want to perform in safe mode.
Using the System Configuration Utility:
remember that if you are facing problem to restart your computer in safe mode, you should not use this method to forcibly start your computer in safe mode.
-  Close all running programs and open windows so are back on desktop
- Now click on a Start button.
- In start menu search box type msconfig, then press enter.
- The system configuration utility will then open and you will see a screen on which click on a Boot tab.
- Now you will be at boot screen, after that check a mark on safe mode on that screen.
- Your computer will now start on safe mode.
- Once you are done with your works go to Start of safe mode search and type msconfig.
When the screen is open you’ll be in general tab, select the label Normal Start up.
Press the button apply and then Ok.
- Allow your computer to restart and you will be in normal mode.

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